Les séminaires de l'ISYEB s'associent aux actions du programme Synthesys+, et invitent les chercheurs en visite au MNHN à présenter leurs recherches.

Natale Perchiazzi, Associate professor, University of Pisa, Italy, (visiteur des collections de Géologie) présente ses travaux de recherche.


The material collected in the 19th century in the former French colonies and preserved in the mineralogical collections of MNHN represents a heritage of relevant scientific and historical interest, an “unicum” deserving a relevant valorization. It is described in a series of scientific publications and treatises, as the renowned “Minéralogie de la France et ses colonies” a monumental work by A. Lacroix.

We propose the study of a series of rare Zr-Nb-Ti disilicates  sampled in colonial age in African nephelinic syenites, partially characterized with incomplete optical or chemical data only, to fully define their true nature through a combined multidisciplinary approach.

The objectives of our research are:

- a valorization of the historical collections of MNHN

- a full characterization of several rare Zr-Nb-Ti disilicates, with a focus on the discovery of new mineral species

Our results will be of interest, besides geologists, also to applied research, given the relevance of rare Zr-Nb-Ti disilicates phases  as sources for strategic metals.
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