Entité de rattachement
Morpho-Anatomie et Développement des Plantes (MADP)
Thème interdisciplinaire de recherche
Biologie évolutive
Habilité(e) à diriger des recherches


florian.jabbour [at] mnhn.fr
+33 (0)1 40 79 54 57

12-16 rue Buffon


75005 Paris

Responsabilités dans l'unité

Co-leader of the MADP team

Responsabilités hors unité

From 2023 on: Elected for 3 years at the Administration Board of the MNHN (permanent member)

From 2022 on: Elected for 4 years at the Board of the Département Origines et Evolution, Collège 2

From 2022 on: Representative for the Doctoral School ED227 MNHN-SU

From 2020 on: Member of the Administration Board of the Société Botanique de France

From 2019 on: Co-Editor-in-Chief of Botany Letters



Research interests

My research focuses on the evolution of plant taxa and plant shapes, in relation to geographical and other physical or biotic conditions.  

I have a special interest in the study of flower ontogeny and evolution, in a phylogenetic framework.


  • Evolution and genetic bases of floral traits
  • Flower development
  • Systematics, taxonomy, and biogeography

Education and position

  • 2017- Associate Professor, National Museum of Natural History, Paris
  • 2013-17 Assistant Professor, National Museum of Natural History, Paris
  • 2010-12 Postdoctoral fellow, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich
  • 2006-09 PhD, Paris-Saclay University, and Génétique Quantitative et Evolution - Le Moulon
  • 2005-06 MSc, Paris-Saclay University
  • 2003-06 AgroParisTech
  • 2001-03 Classes préparatoires BCPST

Current PhD students

  • Lantotiana Randriamanana (2022-, main supervisor)
  • Fabio Meraihi (2023-, main supervisor)
  • Nathan Fouéré-Klein (2024-, main supervisor)

Former PhD students

  • Chhavarath Dary (2013-2016)
  • Felipe Espinosa (2016-19)
  • Julie Zalko (2018-22)
  • Pierre Galipot (2019-21)
  • Pauline Delpeuch (2020-23)



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