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Evolution fonctionnelle et Taxonomie (EvoFoncT)
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Réseaux sociaux
andre.nel [at] mnhn.fr
anel [at] mnhn.fr
01 40 79 33 85

57 rue Cuvier


75005 Paris


  • Former Employments

Assistant Professor, MNHN, Paris, 1994-2013

Full Professor, MNHN, Paris, 2013-2017

Professor of Mathematics, secondary school, 1983-1994

  • Research topics

My research focuses on Entomology, with a strong emphasis on comparative morphology and fossil insects. It includes use of the phylogenetic tools, and development of new tools in comparative morphology and palaeoecology.

  • Publication Activities: Total of 621 scientific publications, plus ca. 40 communications in congresses.

* 431 articles in peer-reviewed front journals in Palaeontology and Entomology between 1983 and 2018 (average 22 papers per year; 4 in the journal Nature, 1 in Nature Communications, 3 in PNAS, one in Gondwana Research, and 8 in Scientific Reports). I am first author or the senior author behind my students on 80% of these articles. I have published 141 articles in peer-reviewed journals with impact factors lower than 1; 39 articles in peer-reviewed journal without impact factors (period 1983 to 2003); nine monographs.

* cited 8482 times (4293 since 2013), h-index is 41, i10-index is 273, according to Google scholar at the date of 03 July 2018 and after the removal of homonymous authors from the list:



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