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De 12h30 à 13h30

Shamsi Shokoofeh présentera "What would a worm know? A tale of anisakid nematodes in antipodean waters"

What would a worm know? A tale of anisakid nematodes in antipodean waters

The southern hemisphere is mostly ocean and home to far more species than northern hemisphere. Despite this, little is known about its biodiversity and the impacts of climate change and anthropological factors on the aquatic systems. Knowledge about parasites, which comprise more than 70% of the biodiversity, is particularly poor. Despite their importance, their presence and impact has often been overlooked in studies of the biodiversity and conservation management of marine systems. In this presentation the focus will be on a group of parasites known as anisakids in Australian and New Caledonian waters. These parasites are among the most abundant species in the ocean and can infect almost any aquatic and aquatic associated invertebrate and vertebrate including humans. After a brief introduction to parasites, the following questions will be discussed: Can global warming affect the population of anisakid nematodes? Can anthropogenic activities favour their populations? Should we expect an increase in human infections with these parasites in the near future? And do we have the expertise to deal with the rise of parasites?

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