Investigating siderophore uptake in diatoms. The basis for mutualism with




Phytoplankton growth is limited in vast oceanic regions by the low bioavailability

of iron. Iron fertilization often results in diatom blooms, yet the physiological

underpinnings for how diatomssurvive in chronically iron-limited waters and

outcompete other phytoplankton when iron becomes available are unresolved. I will

present work that demonstrates how some diatoms can use siderophore-bound iron, and exhibit a species-specific recognition for siderophore types. We are in the process

of uncovering the molecular mechanisms for siderophore uptake into the cells, and

tracking its delivery to the chloroplasts (which we know to be their ultimate

destination). Since no diatoms are known to synthesise siderophores, we are

investigating the role of these molecules in forging community interactions between

diatoms and siderophore-producing bacteria”.

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