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Gender equity at scientific events

Venez nombreux l’écouter mardi 26 juin, de 12h30 à 13h30, à l’Amphi Rouelle

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Thirty years ago, a study highlighted the existence of gender inequity among speakers invited to present their research at a large, annual conference in Ecology and Evolution (Gurevitch 1988). Women were less frequently represented among the invited speakers as compared to contributed speakers, and far less likely to be invited to speak if there were no women among the symposium organizers. Over the last decade, a number of initiatives have been put forward in order to increase awareness and reduce implicit biases against female scientists (e.g. equal-opportunity guidelines, increased transparency in hiring, databases of female scientists, promotion of female role models). Nicolas Rode, Line Ugelvig and I investigated whether women today face fairer chances of being invited to speak at scientific events. We collected the number and gender of invited speakers and organizers from a large number of scientific events within the field of evolutionary biology ; 161 conferences, 67 congress symposia and 88 courses held in 2016—2017, and congress symposia held in the period 2001—2017. We used membership data from three large scientific societies as a reference current baseline of women in the field (i.e. constituting the pool from which potential invited speakers would be drawn). What did these data and analyses show ? To find out, come to the seminar !

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