"International course and workshop on the Origins of Life"

Organisation : Marie Christine Maurel (ISYEB) et Marco Saitta (IMPMC).

Ces journées sont destinées aux étudiants de Masters et doctorants de toute nationalité. (Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire)

Le nombre de places étant limité, l'inscription est gratuite et obligatoire, et doit se faire auprès de :
Marie Christine Maurel (marie-christine.maurel@mnhn.fr) et Marco Saitta (marco.saitta@sorbonne-universite.fr)

International course and workshop on the Origins of Life

Amphitheater Gallery of Paleontology, MNHN, Paris, 2022 (Program september 7-9)


  • Wednesday 7, September, 2022


Marie-Christine Maurel (ISYEB) : 3’ Introduction

Session 1 : Prebiotic chemistry : 14:00

Alicia Negron-Mendoza (UNAM-Mexico):  Magical mystery tour to prebiotic chemistry

Jean-François Lambert (SU-LRS): Surface Chemistry at the origins of life

Marco Saitta (IMPMC) : Computational Chemistry for the origins of life.


20 minutes break


Session 2 : Input from the solar system   16: 00

Matthieu Gounelle (IMPMC): Meteorites

Sandra Ramínez (UNAM-Mexico):  The chemistry of Titan’s atmosphere

Laurent Remusat : Organic matter in meteorites and comets (IMPMC)


  • Thursday, 8, September, 2022

Session 3: Pre to Biochemical elements 10: 00

Aline Percot (Monaris-SU) et al - Organics on spatial dusts from Tanpopo mission

Marie-Christine Maurel (ISYEB): From ancient to modern worlds - RNA back and forth.

Klara Hlouchova - Charles University- Prague (Cz): Amino acid alphabet evolution and its consequences for protein evolution

20 minutes break

Giuliano Zanchetta- Université of Milano (It): "Spontaneous self-assembly and liquid crystalline condensation of nucleic acids: pathways for the emergence of genetic polymers".

Ricardo Hernández-Morales (UNAM-Mexico): Alarmones as vestiges of a bygone RNA World

Jose Alberto Campillo (UNAM-Mexico): RNA viruses –ancient but not primordial


12: 00- 14 :00 Lunch


Arturo Becerra (UNAM-Mexico):  What can we infer about the nature of the last common ancestor?

Antonio Lazcano (El Colegio Nacional and Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM -Mexico) Genome evolution before DNA: insights from a pandemic


  • Friday, 9, September.   

Session 4: Earliest traces of life? 10:00

Sylvain Bernard (IMPMC): Searching for the earliest traces of life in the most ancient rock (IMPMC)

Luisa Falcon (UNAM-Mexico):  A review of Precambrian stromatolites

Marco Saitta (IMPMC): Conclusion of the international 4EU+ workshop.


Plenum discussions with Lunch

  • Friday, 9, September. Afternoon

Free visits of Gallery of Evolution, Gallery of Mineralogy, other sites of MNHN and several labs (ISYEB & LRS, IMPMC (meteorites) …) after registration.






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