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Publications 2017

Aubier T.G., Elias M., Llaurens V., Chazot N. (2017) Mutualistic mimicry enhances species diversification through spatial segregation and extension of the ecological niche space : MUTUALISTIC MIMICRY AND MACROEVOLUTIONARY PATTERN. Evolution. Available at : [Accessed March 16, 2017].

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Azar D., Hakim M., Huang D., Cai C., Nel A. (2017) New fossil booklice from the Cretaceous amber of Myanmar (Psocodea : Troctomorpha : Amphientometae : Manicapsocidae). CRETACEOUS RESEARCH, 70, 8–14.

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Dubois (2017) The nomenclatural status of Hysaplesia , Hylaplesia , Dendrobates and related nomina (Amphibia, Anura), with genera l comments on zoolog ical nomen clature and its governance, as well as on taxonomic databases and. Bionomina, 11, 1–48. Available at :

Dubois A. (2017) A few problems in the generic nomenclature of insects and amphibians, with recommendations for the publication of new generic nomina in zootaxonomy and comments on taxonomic and nomenclatural databases and websites. Zootaxa, 4237, 1. Available at : [Accessed March 6, 2017].

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