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Current group members

Mathieu Joron - mathieu.joron(a)cefe.cnrs.fr
CNRS group leader (Directeur de Recherche DR2)

Angeles de Cara - ANR-funded postdoc - angeles.decara(a)gmail.com.
Signatures of selection and demographic inferences from butterfly genomes

Paul Jay - PhD student - paul.jay(a)etu.umontpellier.fr
Hybridization and introgression, and their consequences in Heliconius genomes

Mathieu Chouteau - Marie-Curie Fellow - mathieu.chouteau(a)cefe.cnrs.fr.
Deciphering the ecology and population genetics of polymorphism and hybridization in H. numata and close allies.

Thomas Aubier - PhD student (co-supervised with marianne Elias, Paris) - thomas.aubier(a)cefe.cnrs.fr
Modelling ecological and reproductive interferences in hybridizing species.

Former group members

Lucie Bastin--Héline - Project student.
Experiments on the unpalatability of Amazonian butterflies. Now a Phd student with Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly in Versailles

Cécile Triay - M1 Masters student.
Analysing mate preferences in H. numata

Annabel Whibley - ERC postdoc.
Genomics of the H. numata colour-pattern supergene. Now at the John Innes Centre, Norwich UK

Florence Prunier - CNRS Assistante Ingénieure.
Lab manager. Now working with Violaine Llaurens and Marianne Elias (MNHN Paris)

Bárbara Huber - ERC PhD student.
Genetics and genealogy of colour pattern variation in the silvaniform clade of Heliconius butterflies.

Yann Le Poul - PhD student, then postdoc.
Quantification of pattern, morphospace analysis, and modelling the ecology of mimicry communities. Now postdoc in Nicolas Gompel's group in Munich.

Claire Mérot - PhD student, then postdoc
Ecological divergence and speciation associated with mimicry variation in Heliconius. Now a postdoc in Louis Bernatchez's group in Quebec.

Robert Jones - BBSRC postdoc.
QTL, RADseq and RNAseq analyses and genome mapping of wing pattern genes. Now working in the Zeiss group in Livingston, Scotland.

Agnès Bulski - CNRS Assistante Ingénieure.
Lab manager. Now working as a lab engineer at the EcoBio lab at the University of Rennes, France.

Lise Frézal - CNRS-funded postdoc.
Population genetics of the H. numata supergene. Now a postdoc in Marie-Anne Félix's group at ENS Paris.

Simone Fernandes - Evo-devo Masters student (UPMC Paris 6).
Gene models and annotation in the colour pattern-determining genomic region. Now at the Gulbenkian Institute, Lisbon

Benoît Gilles - Postgraduate student.
Colour pattern morphometrics and genetics in H. hecale. Now working at Cycle Farms

Michel Becuwe - Undergraduate student.
Genetic mapping of the supergene in one brood of H. numata. Went on with a PhD at Institut Jacques Monod, Paris

Reuben Nowell - Honours student.
Genealogies of genes along the supergene region in silvaniform Heliconius butterflies. Now a postdoc at University of Edinburgh, UK

Links to present or past collaborators.

Marianne Elias and Mathieu Joron's groups in the tropical greenhouses at the Museum.
Left to right: Claire Mérot, Lise Frézal, Yann Le Poul, Bárbara Huber, Agnès Bulski, Mathieu Joron,
Violaine Llaurens, Rob Jones, Marianne Elias, Annabel Whibley & Nicolas Chazot.

Claire Mérot, Lise Frézal, Yann Le Poul, Bárbara Huber, Agnès Bulski, Mathieu Joron, Violaine Llaurens, Rob Jones, Marianne Elias, Annabel Whibley & Nicolas Chazot