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Media coverage

Here are links to some media coverage of our research.

Daily Telegraph article  El Pais article

On our 2011 paper in Nature:
The New-York Times (US, 15/08/2011), by Nicholas Wade
Nature Videos (US, 17/08/2011), by Eric Olson
Scientific American (US, 17/08/2011), by Katherine Harmon
CNRS International Magazine (France, January 2012), by Clémentine Wallace
BBC Wildlife magazine (UK, ), by Stuart Blackman
Discover Magazine (US, 16/08/2011), by Joseph Castro
Le Monde (France, 12/08/2011), by Hervé Morin
The Guardian (UK, 18/08/2011)
The Independent (UK, 15/08/2011), by Michael McCarthy
The Times (UK, 15/08/2011)
La Tribune de Genève (Switzerland, 17/08/2011), by ATS

More press coverage by country
20 minutes (France)
30 Millions d'Amis (France, 18/08/2011)
Europe 1 (France, 12/08/2011)
Futura-Sciences (France)
La Croix (France)
L'alsace. (France, 14/08/2011)
Les Echos (France)
Libération (France)
Maxisciences (France, 20/08/2011)
National Geographic France (France, 16/08/2011), by Marie Dias-Alves
Orange.fr (France)
Pour la Science (France, 23/08/2011), by Loic Mangin
RTFlash (France)
Santé Plus.org (France, 17/08/2011)
Sciences et Avenir (France), by C. D.
Sciences et Vie (France), by Coralie Hancock
Technosciences.net (France, 20/08/2011)
TV5 Monde (France)
Belfast Telegraph Morning (UK)
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) (UK, 12/08/2011)
Shropshire Star (Last) (UK, 13/08/2011), by Liza Radley
The Courier & Advertiser (Perth) (UK)
The Daily Star (UK, 14/08/2011)
The Herald (UK, 13/08/2011)
The Scotsman (UK, 13/08/2011), by John von Radowitz
Yahoo! News UK & Ireland (UK, 12/08/2011)
Yorkshire Post (UK, 13/08/2011)
Audubon (US, ), by Saul Scheinbach
International Business Times (US, 15/08/2011), by IBTimes Staff Reporter
io9 (US, 15/08/2011), by Robert T. Gonzalez
Tangledwings (US)
ABC (Sydney) (Australia, 15/08/2011), by Rachel Sullivan
Bright Surf (Australia, 15/08/2011)
CampusDaily.com.au (Australia, 15/08/2011)
Cosmos (Australia, 13/08/2011)
Herald Sun (Australia, 13/08/2011)
SBS (Australia, 13/08/2011)
Science Alert (Australia, 15/08/2011)
Sky News (Australia, 13/08/2011)
The Age (Australia, 15/08/2011), by Bridie Smith
The Australian (Australia)
The Conversation (Australia, 15/08/2011), by Sumanda Creagh
The Courier (Australia, 15/08/2011), by Bridie Smith
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia, 15/08/2011), by Bridie Smith
University of Melbourne Newsroom (Australia, 15/08/2011)
WA Today (Australia, 15/08/2011), by Lucy Rickard
West Australian (Australia, 13/08/2011)
Western Mail (Australia, 13/08/2011)
Argentina Star (Argentina, 15/08/2011)
Armtown (Armenia, 15/08/2011)
RTL (Belgium, 12/08/2011)
Ultimo Segundo (Brasil) (Brazil)
Radio Canada (Canada, 12/08/2011)
TV Radio-Canada (Canada), by Danny Lemieux
Yahoo Quebec (Canada)
The China Post (China, 13/08/2011)
Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany, 16/08/2011), by xx
Scinexx (Germany, 15/08/2011)
AndhraNews.net (India, 15/08/2011)
Mumbai Mirror (India)
New Kerala.com (India, 15/08/2011)
Irish Weather Online (Ireland, 16/08/2011)
Haaretz (Israel, ), by Asaf Shtull-Trauring
Moov Madagascar (Madagascar)
NRK (Norway, 16/08/2011), by Unni Eikeseth unni.eikeseth@nrk.no
Big Pond (online, 12/08/2011)
Bio-Medicine (online)
Enterprise Post News (online, 15/08/2011)
Labspaces (online, 15/08/2011)
PAB News (online, 18/08/2011), by James Couling
PhysOrg (online, 12/08/2011)
quEDIT (online)
RedOrbit (online, 15/08/2011), by xx
Science 2.0 (online, 15/08/2011)
Science And Technology Updates (online, 13/08/2011)
Science Daily (online)
Science News (online, 19/08/2011), by Tina Saey
Science News (online, 15/08/2011)
The Raw Story (online)
Dawn.com (Pakistan)
Pakistan Newspoint (Pakistan, 13/08/2011)
Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia, removed from site!)
Daily News (Sri Lanka, 16/08/2011)
24heures.ch (Switzerland, 24/08/2011)
SwissInfo (Switzerland, 17/08/2011)
Université de Fribourg Communications (Switzerland, 17/08/2011)

On our 2006 papers in PLoS Biology and Heredity
La Recherche (F) interview on recent research on mimicry, by Cécile Klingler. (Sept. 2007)
The New York Times (US) article on evo-devo, by Carol Kaesuk Yoon. (26 June 2007)
Daily Telegraph (UK), by Roger Highfield. (26 Sept. 2006)
G1 - Globo (Brazil), by Marília Juste. ( 25 Sept. 2006)
El País (Spain) [PDF], by Javier Sampedro. (15 Oct. 2006)
Nature Reviews Genetics Research highlight [PDF] by Magdalena Skipper. (18 Oct. 2006)
Tiny ScienceShot on AAAS's ScienceNow website. (27 Sept. 2006)
LIVEScience.com: image of the day. (26 Sept. 2006)
Listen to the Heredity podcast. (Episode 6, Sept. 2006)

Download Gallery

Here is a picasa gallery containing pictures and figures related to our research.
All images (c)Mathieu Joron unless otherwise stated.