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Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité
PhD student at ED 227 (link)- granted by “Programa Ciências sem Fronteiras” – CAPES BRAZIL (link)
57 Rue Cuvier - CP50
F-75005 Paris - France
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  • Advisors :

  • - Roseli Pellens
    - Philippe Grandcolas

    Vitor started to study the macrofauna of Neotropical Forests during his Master in INPA Manaus . This gave him the familiarity with Blattaria and the will to learn more about the biodiversity in the neotropics.

    For his PhD we chose to focus on Monastria, a genus of cockroach endemic of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.

  •  Theme of PhD research :

  • The contribution of collection data in inferences of species distribution : a comparison of collection versus target sampling data
    • The effect of climate change on dispersal-limited species
    • Revision of the cockroach genus Monastria and description of new species
    • A phylogenetic study of the diversification of the genus Monastria in the Brazilian Atlantic forest.

    I defended my thesis entitled"Taxonomie, Phylogéographie et Distribution du genre Monastria Saussure, 1864 (Insecta, Blattodea) dans la forêt atlantique brésilienne”
    last week.

    Word - 14.8 ko
  •  Publications

  • Tarli, V. D., P. A. C. L. Pequeno, E. Franklin, J. W. de Morais, J. L. P. Souza, A. H. C. Oliveira, and D. R. Guilherme, ‘Multiple Environmental Controls on Cockroach Assemblage Structure in a Tropical Rain Forest’, Biotropica, 46 (2014), 598–607 <> ;

    Lopes, S. M., E. H. de Oliveira, and V. D. Tarli, ‘New Species of Blaberidae and Ectobiidae (Blattaria) from Brazil’, Zoologia, 31 (2014), 170–74 <> ;

    Lopes, S. M., E. H. de Oliveira, and V. Tarli, ‘Five New Species of Ectobiidae (Blattodea) Collected in the Reserva Ducke, Amazonas, Brazil’, Biota Neotropica, 14 (2014) <> ;

  •  Participations in Meetings

  • Tarli V.D., Grandcolas P, Pellens R. Inferring the effect of climate change on dispersal-limited species in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest with collection data and targeted field sampling. Our Common Future Under Climate Change, Unesco Paris, July 2015.

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