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Véron Simon

Muséum National d’Histoire naturelle.
Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité

Equipe Macroécologie et Systématique pour la Conservation System-C
57 Rue Cuvier - CP39
F-75005 Paris - France
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Postdoctoral Researcher

I am now working on the project “Global Patterns of Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity of Land Plants in Islands” headed by Thomas Haevermans, Roseli Pellens and Maud Mouchet and funded by Labex BCDiv .
The aim of this project is to contribute at understanding the diversity of plants in islands and how it is threatened by climate changes. By focusing on the phylogenetic and functional diversity, we aim to characterise global patterns of diversification and trends in vulnerability, particularly by addressing three main questions.
Are there patterns of phylogenetic diversity peculiar to islands or to continents ?
Can we trace the evolution of endemism in insular plants ?
What are the consequences of climate changes in plant diversity in islands ?

Laboratory : UMR 7204-CESCO
Supervisors : Sandrine Pavoine and Philippe Clergeau
Fundings : Labex BCDiv

During my PhD I have developed an interest in the consequences of species extinctions on biodiversity, especially on evolutionary history. My research has been dedicated to threatened diversity at global, regional and local scales, to the identification of conservation priority sites and species and to assess the efficiency of conservation measures. I have also proposed some methodological improvements to better integrate phylogenetic diversity and originality in conservation actions, to analyse the consequences of co-extinctions (mutualistic networks) and possible extinctions of poorly known species on evolutionary history (missing data handling).


- Veron, S., Fontaine, C., Clergeau, P. & Pavoine, S. Consequences of co-extinctions on the loss of evolutionary history in mutualistic networks. Biological conservation.( In prep.)

- Robert, A., Fontaine, C., Veron, S., Monnet, A.-C., Legrand, M., Clavel, J., Chantepie, S., Couvet, D., Ducarme, F., Fontaine, B., Jiguet, F., le Viol, I., Rolland, J., Sarrazin, F., Teplitsky, C., & Mouchet, M. (2017). Fixism and conservation science. Conservation Biology, 31(4), 781 788.

- Veron, S., Davies, T. J., Cadotte, M. W., Clergeau, P., & Pavoine, S. (2017). Predicting loss of evolutionary history : Where are we ? Biological Reviews, 92(1), 271 291.

- Veron, S., Penone, C., Clergeau, P., Costa, G. C., Oliveira, B. F., Sao-Pedro, V. A., & Pavoine, S. (2016). Integrating data-deficient species in analyses of evolutionary history loss. Ecology and Evolution, 6(23), 8502 8514.

- Veron, S., Clergeau, P., & Pavoine, S. (2016). Loss and conservation of evolutionary history in the Mediterranean Basin. BMC Ecology, 16(1).



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