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Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) Curator of Molluscs
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Sorbonne Universités
Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité
Equipe Exploration, Espèces et Evolution (3E)
57 Rue Cuvier, CP26
F- 75005 Paris, France.
☏ : 33 (0)1 40 79 31 73
Contact :

 Bref CV

Current position:Maître de Conférence, MNHN
Qualification : Ph.D., MNHN of Paris (2008) – Integrative taxonomy of the Turridae : phylogeny, species delimitation and barcoding.
Professional background :
- Post-doc, CNRS/MNHN (2012). Impact of the taxonomy on conservation programs.
- Post-doc, Atheris Laboratories (2011). DNA markers for deep phylogeny analyses in Conoidea.
- Post-doc, CNRS/MNHN (2010-2011). Managment of the MarBOL (Marine Barcode of Life) project.
- Post-doc, University of Utah (2008-2009). Species diversity within Conus and conotoxin evolution.

 Oceanographic expeditions :

- Madang 2012 : Papua-New-Guinea. Marine Biodiversity Workshop. 03/11 – 16/12/2012.
- Guadeloupe 2012 : Guadeloupe. Marine Biodiversity Workshop. 14/06 – 28/06/2012.
- Atimo Vatae 2010 : Madagascar. Marine Biodiversity Workshop. 04/25 – 05/18 2010.
- Miriky 2009 : Madagascar. Collection of deap-sea organisms. 06/23 – 07/04 2009.
- Aurora 2007 : Philippines. Collection of deap-sea organisms. 05/20 – 06/05 2007.
- Santo 2006 : Vanuatu. Marine Biodiversity Workshop. 09/05 – 10/20 2006.
Associate editor : Journal of Molluscan Studies, Molecular Ecology Resources.

 Research Interest

Phylogeny, species delimitation, and character evolution
My main reasearch interest is on developing integrative taxonomic approaches to analyze the species diversity, the phylogenetic relationships between species, and their interactions with the environment. Although specialized in the analysis of DNA variability and molecular systematic, my concern is also in developing complementary approaches to propose robust hypotheses based on several characters and criteria.
I am currently working on marine molluscs of the superfamily Conoidea (CONOTAX project).
This hyperdiverse group is a real challenge for taxonomists and molecular approaches have proved useful in proposing robust hypotheses on both species delimitation and phylogenetic relationships. These hypotheses are placed in an integrative framework, as others characters (morphology, anatomy or ecology) are analyzed. The strength of the results also relies on the collaborative aspect : anatomists, morphologists, biochimists, phylogeneticians,etc are all involved in the project. Actually, the interest of the Conoideans, illustrated by the results obtained with the genus Conus, does not only concern their hyperdiversity and their utility as a model to study speciation and diversification pattern in a marine environment, but also on the evolution of the toxins they use to capture their prey. As a result to the adaptation to their environment (and especially to new prey), these toxins (named "conotoxins" for the genus Conus) are particularly diverse, and their evolution is driven by several biochemical and molecular mechanisms. These toxins are moreover of particular interest in medecine, as some have already revealed their potential as therapeuthic drugs. Combining molecular, morphological, anatomical and toxinology approaches also provides a robust framework to analyse the evolution of the group, and in particular the factors that drove their exceptional diversification.
Defining species and their relationships are thus not only interesting for taxonomists, but also for setting up subsequent analysis both for theorical consideration (definition of species, speciation) and concrete applications (conservation biology, interaction with the environment, character evolution, discovery of new drugs,etc).

  Publications récentes


- Sanders, M. T., Merle, D., Bouchet, P., Castelin, M., Beu, A. G., Samadi, S., & Puillandre, N. (2017). One for each ocean : revision of the Bursa granularis species complex (Gastropoda : Tonnoidea : Bursidae). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 83(4), 384 398.

- Aissaoui, C., Puillandre, N., & Bouchet, P. (2017). New insights in the taxonomy of Mediterranean Diodora (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Fissurellidae). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 97(7), 1527 1536.

- Aissaoui, C., Galindo, L. A., Puillandre, N., & Bouchet, P. (2017). The nassariids from the Gulf of Gabes revisited (Neogastropoda, Nassariidae). Marine Biology Research, 13(4), 370 389.

- Fedosov A.E., Puillandre N., Herrmann M., Dgebuadze P., Bouchet P. (2017) Phylogeny, systematics, and evolution of the family Costellariidae (Gastropoda : Neogastropoda). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 179, 541–626.

- Fedosov A.E., Stahlschmidt P., Puillandre N., Aznar-Cormano L., Bouchet P. (2017) Not all spotted cats are leopards : evidence for a Hemilienardia ocellata species complex (Gastropoda : Conoidea : Raphitomidae). European Journal of Taxonomy.

- Kantor, Y. I., Fedosov, A. E., Puillandre, N., Bonillo, C., & Bouchet, P. (2017). Returning to the roots : morphology, molecular phylogeny and classification of the Olivoidea (Gastropoda : Neogastropoda). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 180(3), 493 541.

- Kantor Y.I., Stahlschmidt P., Aznar-Cormano L., Bouchet P., Puillandre N. (2017) Too familiar to be questioned ? Revisiting the Crassispira cerithina species complex (Gastropoda : Conoidea : Pseudomelatomidae). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 83, 43–55. Available at :

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- Puillandre, N., & Tenorio, M. J. (2017). A question of rank : DNA sequences and radula characters reveal a new genus of cone snails (Gastropoda : Conidae). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 1 11.

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- Marshall B.A., Puillandre N., Lambourdière J., Couloux A., Samadi S. (2016) Deep-sea wood-eating limpets of the genus Pectinodonta Dall, 1882 (Mollusca  : Gastropoda  : Patellogastropoda  : Pectinodontidae) from the tropical West Pacific., In Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos volume 29., pp. 235–265. Eds V. Héros, E. Strong, P. Bouchet, and Eds.... paris.ISBN-13 : 9782856537749


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- Lorenz F., Puillandre N. (2015) Conus hughmorrisoni, a new species of cone snail from New Ireland, Papua New Guinea (Gastropoda : Conidae). European Journal of Taxonomy, 0, 1–15. Available at :

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