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PENA Viviana

Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité
Equipe Exploration, Espèces et Evolution (3E)
57 Rue Cuvier - CP39
☏ : +33 (0) 1 40 79 31 97
Email address :

*Post-doc combined with University of A Coruña (BioCost Research Group –main base), and Ghent University (Phycology Research group) funded by the “Etapa inicial de formación posdoutoral, Plan I2C”, Xunta de Galicia, Spain.

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  •  Research interest :

  • My research interest focuses on coralline red algae, an important group of calcareous red algae with a global distribution, and marine ecosystem engineers of high associated diversity habitats. My postdoc project “Evidence for past, present and future of global climate changes as inferred from the evolutionary history of coralline algae” aims to study their current diversity, evolutionary relationships, species ranges and by applying a comparative phylogenetic approach I will investigate how natural perturbations (i.e. elevated atmospheric CO2, global warming, and ocean acidification) have influenced both the pattern and the process of diversification in the past.

  •  Academic background

    • 2011-2013 : Postdoc fellowship “Ayuda de movilidad postdoctoral” funded by the Spanish Government.
    • 2010- PhD Thesis, University of A Coruña. "Estudio ficológico de los fondos de maërl y cascajo en el noroeste de la Península Ibérica". Available in
  •  List of publications from the last five years (other members from Equipe Exploration, Espèces et Evolution, underlined)

  • - Hernandez-Kantun, H., Rindi, F., Adey, W., Heesch, S., Peña, V., Le Gall, L. & Gabrielson, P.W. (2015). Sequencing type material resolves the identity and distribution of the generitype Lithophyllum incrustans, and related European species L. hibernicum and L. bathyporum. (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). Journal of Phycology 51 (4) : 791-807.

    - Le Gall, L., Peña, V., Gey, D., Manghisi, A., Dennetiere, B., de Reviers, B. & Rousseau, F. (2015). A new species of Stenogramma was uncovered Indian Ocean during the expedition Atimo Vatae : Stenogramma lamyi sp. nov. Cryptogamie Algologie, 36 (2) : 189-198.

    -  Peña, V., De Clerck, O., Afonso-Carrillo, J., Ballesteros, E., Bárbara, I., Barreiro, R., Le Gall, L. (2014). Molecular data highlight knowledge gaps in coralline algal species distributions : a case study of the genus Mesophyllum (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) in Europe. European Journal of Phycology.50(1) : 20-36 .

    - Hernández-Kantún, J., Riosmena-Rodríguez, R., Hall-Spencer, J.M, Peña, V., Maggs, C. & Rindi, F. (2014). Phylogenetic analysis of rhodolith formation in the Corallinales (Rhodophyta). European Journal of Phycology. 50(1) : 46-61.

    - Peña, V., Rousseau, F. Reviers, B., Le Gall, L. (2014). First assessment of the coralline algal diversity of the Caribbean maerl beds of Guadeloupe using DNA barcode. Phytotaxa.190(1) : 190-215 .

    - Carro, B., López, L., Peña, V., Bárbara, I. & Barreiro, R. (2014). DNA barcoding allows the accurate assessment of European maerl diversity : a Proof-of-Concept study. Phytotaxa.190(1) : 176-189.

    - Peña, V., Bárbara, I., Grall, J., Maggs, C.A. & Hall-Spencer, J.M. (2014). The diversity of seaweeds on maerl in the NE Atlantic Marine Biodiversity 44(4) : 533-551.

    - Bárbara, I., Peteiro, C., Peña, V., Altamirano, M., Piñeiro-Corbeira, C., Cremades, J., Sánchez, N., Díaz-Tapia, P., García-Redondo, V., García-Fernández, A., Zanolla-Balbuena, M. (2014). Adiciones florísticas y aportaciones corológicas para la flora bentónica marina del Atlántico Ibérico. Acta Botánica Malacitana39 : 207-327.

    - Pardo, C., Peña, V., Bárbara, I., Valero, M. & Barreiro, R. (2014). Development and multiplexing of the first microsatellite markers in coralline red algae. Phycologia 53(5) : 474-479.

    - Pardo, C., López, L., Peña, V., Hernández-Kantún, J., Le Gall, L., Bárbara, I., Barreiro, R. (2014.). A multilocus species delimitation reveals a striking number of maërl species in the OSPAR area. PLOS one 9(8) : e104073.

    - Peña, V. Hernández-Kantún, J., Grall, J., Pardo, C., López, L., Bárbara, I., Le Gall L., Barreiro, R. (2014). Detection of gametophytes in the maerl-forming species Phymatolithon calcareum (Melobesioideae, Corallinales) assessed by DNA barcoding.Cryptogamie Algologie, 15 : 15-25.

    - Peña, V., Barreiro, R., Hall-Spencer, J.M, & Grall, J. (2013). Lithophyllum spp. form unusual maerl beds in the North East Atlantic : the case study of L. fasciculatum (Lamarck) Foslie, 1898, in B : 11-21.

    - Peña, V. & Bárbara, I. (2013). Non-coralline crustose red algae associated with maerl beds in Portugal : a reappraisal of their diversity in the Atlantic Iberian beds. Botanica Marina 56(5-6) : 481-493.

    - Bárbara, I., Díaz, P., Peteiro, C., Berecibar, E., Peña, V., Sánchez, N., Tavares, A.M., Santos, R., Secilla, A., Riera, P., Bermejo, R., García, V. (2012). Nuevas citas y aportaciones corológicas para la flora bentónica del Atlántico de la Península Ibérica. Acta Botánica Malacitana 37 : 5-32.

    - Peña, V., Adey, W., Riosmena-Rodriguez, R., Jung, M.-Y., Afonso Carrillo, J. ; Choi, H-G. & Bárbara, I. (2011). Mesophyllum sphaericum sp. nov. (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) : a new maërl-forming species from the NE Atlantic. Journal of Phycology 47 : 911-927.

    - Peña, V. & Bárbara I. (2010). Seasonal patterns in the maërl community of shallow European Atlantic beds and their use as a baseline for monitoring studies. European Journal of Phycology 45 (3) : 327-342.

    -  Peña, V. & Bárbara I. (2010). New records of crustose algal species associated to subtidal maërl beds and gravel bottoms in Galicia (NW Spain). Botanica Marina 53(1) : 41-61.

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