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MONA Stefano

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Assistant-professor at EPHE / Maître de conférences de l’EPHE (école pratique des hautes études, Sorbonne Universités)
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité
Sorbonne Universités
Population geneticist / Généticien des populations
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e-mail : Stefano Mona

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 Research interests

I am an evolutionary biologist particularly interested in population genetics. I have been working on different organisms (humans, flies, coral reef fishes etc..), my main focus being how genetic markers can be exploited to reconstruct demography of population and species. I acknowledge the importance of developing and applying models taking into account the fact that species are dynamic entities and are, most of the time, structured into sub-populations exchanging migrants.

 Brief CV

• 2010-Present : Assistant Professor (Maitre de Conference) EPHE (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes) at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France.
• 2009-2010 : Post-doctoral fellow, Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern (in the group of Laurent Excoffier).
• 2007-2009 : Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Biology and Evolution, University of Ferrara (in the group of Giorgio Bertorelle).
• 01/05–06/05 : Visiting researcher at the Department of Forensic and Molecular Biology of the Erasmus University, Rotterdam (in the group of Manfred Kayser).
• 2004-2007 : Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Evolution, University of Bari (in the group of Mila Tommaseo-Ponzetta).



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10. Bertorelle G., Benazzo A., and S. Mona. 2010. ABC as a flexible framework to estimate demography over space and time : some cons, many pros. (Review) Molecular Ecology 19(13):2609-25

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18. Mona S., Ray N., Arenas M., and L. Excoffier. 2014. Genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation during a range expansion. Heredity, 112(3):291-9.

 Books Chapters

1. Mona S., Bertorelle G. 2008. Population Differentiation : Measures. In : Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd : Chichester.

2. Mona S., Bertorelle G. 2013. Population Differentiation : Measures. In : eLS. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd : Chichester. DOI : 10.1002/

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