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GERBER Sylvain

Maître de Conférences - MNHN

Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
Sorbonne Universités
Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité
Research group “Evolution and Development of Phenotypic Variations”
45, rue Buffon – 75005 Paris, France
Tel :
Email : sgerber[at]

  •  CV

  • Since 2015 : Assistant Professor – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris, France)

    2013-2015 : Research Associate – University of Cambridge (UK)

    2009-2013 : Postdoctoral Researcher – University of Bath (UK)

    2008-2009 : Postdoctoral Researcher – University of Chicago (USA)

    2007-2008 : Research and Teaching Assistant – Université de Bourgogne (France)

    2004-2007 : PhD Evolutionary Palaeobiology – Université de Bourgogne (France)

  •  Research Interests

  • As a macroevolutionary biologist, I am interested in large-scale morphological evolution and in the multiple processes that underlie its dynamics. My research activities, at the intersection of evolutionary paleobiology and evolutionary developmental biology, aim at assessing and better characterizing the roles of development, selection and chance in macroevolution.

    Keywords : morphological and developmental disparity, phenotypic integration, evolutionary constraints, phenotype space and evolutionary accessibility, morphometrics and morphospaces.

  •  Publications

  • Gerber S. 2016. The geometry of morphospaces : Lessons from the Raup shell coiling model. Biological Reviews, brv 12276, 1-14

    • Savriama Y., M. Vitulo, S. Gerber, V. Debat & G. Fusco. 2016. Modularity and developmental stability in segmented animals : variation in translational asymmetry in geophilomorph centipedes. Dev. Gene & Evol. 226, 187-196

    • Oyston J., M. Hughes, S. Gerber & M. A. Wills. 2015. Why should we investigate the morphological disparity of plant clades ? Annals of Botany, mcv135, 1-21

    • Yang J., J. Ortega-Hernández, S. Gerber, N. J. Butterfield, J. Hou, T. Lan, X. Zhang. 2015. A superarmored lobopodian from the Cambrian of China and early disparity in the evolution of Onychophora. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 112, 8678-8683

    • Oyston J. W., M. Hughes, P. J. Wagner, S. Gerber, M. A. Wills. 2015. What limits the morphological disparity of clades ? Interface Focus 5, 20150042

    • Conway Morris S., J. F. Hoyal Cuthill, S. Gerber. 2015. Hunting Darwin’s Snark : which maps shall we use ? Interface Focus 5, 20150078

    • Savriama Y., L. C. Stige, S. Gerber, T. Pérez, P. Alibert, B. David. 2015. Impact of sewage pollution on two species of sea urchins in the Mediterranean Sea (Cortiou, France) : Radial asymmetry as a bioindicator of stress Original Research Articleroads can be taken : development induces anisotropic accessibility in morphospace. Ecol. Indic. 54, 39–47

    Gerber S. 2014. Not all roads can be taken : development induces anisotropic accessibility in morphospace. Evol. Dev. 16, 373–381

    • Chartier M., F. Jabbour, S. Gerber, H. Sauquet, M. von Balthazar, Y. Staedler, P. Mitteroecker, P. R. Crane & J. Schönenberger. 2014. The floral morphospace – a modern comparative approach to study angiosperm evolution. New Phytol. 204, 841-853

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    Gerber S. 2013. On the relationship between the macroevolutionary trajectories of morphological integration and morphological disparity. PLoS One 8, e63913

    • Wills M. A., S. Gerber, M. Ruta & M. Hughes. 2012. The disparity of priapulid, archaeopriapulid and palaeoscolecid worms in the light of new data ? J. Evol. Biol. 25, 2056-2076

    • Renvoisé E., S. Montuire, Y. Richard, J.-P. Quéré, S. Gerber, T. Cucchi, C. Chateau & C. Tougard. 2012. Microevolutionary relationships between phylogeographical history, climate change and morphological variability in the common vole (Microtus arvalis) across France. J. Biogeogr. 39, 698-712

    Gerber, S. & M. J. Hopkins. 2011. Mosaic heterochrony and evolutionary modularity : the trilobite genus Zacanthopsis as a case study. Evolution 65, 3241-3252

    Gerber S. 2011. Comparing the differential filling of morphospace and allometric space through time : the morphological and developmental dynamics of early Jurassic ammonoids. Paleobiology 37, 369-382

    Gerber S., G. J. Eble & P. Neige. 2011. Developmental aspects of morphological disparity dynamics : a simple analytical exploration. Paleobiology 37, 237-251

    • Neige P., A. Brayard, S. Gerber & I. Rouget. 2009. Les Ammonoïdés (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) : avancées et contributions récentes à la paléobiologie évolutive. C. R. Palevol 8, 167-178

    • Forel B., M. Gabillot, F. Monna, S. Forel, C. H. Dommergues, S. Gerber, C. Petit, C. Mordant & C. Chateau. 2008. Morphometry of middle Bronze Age axes by Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT). J. Archaeol. Sci. 36, 721-729

    Gerber S., G. J. Eble & P. Neige. 2008. Allometric space and allometric disparity : a developmental perspective in the macroevolutionary analysis of morphological disparity. Evolution 62, 1450-1457

    Gerber S., P. Neige & G. J. Eble. 2007. Combining ontogenetic and evolutionary scales of morphological disparity : a study of early Jurassic ammonites. Evol. Dev. 9, 472-482

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