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Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Département Systématique et Evolution
Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité (ISYEB)
Sorbonne Universités
Équipe INtéractions et Evolution VEgétales et Fongiques - INEVEF
57 Rue Cuvier , CP48
75005 Paris, France
Email :
☏ +33 (0)1 40 79 80 62

Current position

Professor, Deputy-Director of ISYEB (Institute of Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity).
Member of the resarch team INtéractions et Evolution VEgétales et Fongiques - INEVEF .

  •  Research

  • Evolutionary botanist

    Main questions and projects

    - Taxonomy & phylogeny of diverse studied plant models (see below)

    - Anatomy and morphology evolution in ferns

    - Diversity and history of epiphytism (with focus on ferns, especially Hymenophyllaceae ; projects on orchids in progress)

    - Diversity and history of flora of oceanic islands (with focus on Mascarenes and lesser Antilles)

    Plant models (as the project leader (*) or as a collaborative contributor)

    (*) Hymenophyllaceae (filmy ferns), collab. with S. Hennequin (UPMC ISYEB), G. Rouhan (MNHN ISYEB), F. Rakotondrainibe (MNHN ISYEB), A. Ebihara (Tokyo), H. Schneider (NHM), V. Deblauwe (ULB), B. Senterre (Seychelles), K. Pynee (Mauritius), Y. Robert & E. Grangaud (La Réunion)…

    African angraecoid orchids, collab. with T. Stevart (MoBot), S. Verlynde (MoBot), V. Droissart (IRD, AMAP Montpellier) – co-supervision with T. Stevart of P. Descourvières’ thesis on Diaphananthe systematics.

    Dombeyoideae (Malvaceae), collab. with T. Le Péchon (La Réunion), S. François (SPN, MNHN)

    Eriocaulaceae (Poales), collab. with L. Echternacht (Ouro Preto, Brazil), P. Sano (USP, Brazil)

    Thalloid liverworts (genera Riccia and Riccardia), collab. with C. Reeb (UPMC ISYEB) - co-supervision with C. Reeb of L. Rabeau’s thesis on Riccia systematics.

    Palaeozoic ferns, collab. with J. Galtier (AMAP Montpellier), co-supervision with J. Galtier of A. Corvez’ thesis (defense in 2012)

    Key-words, techniques

    Phylogeny, systematics, morphology, anatomy, molecular methods, bio-statistics, comparative biology.

    Main results

    • Taxonomy and classification of Hymenophyllaceae
      The last global revision of the family has been published in 2006 (6) as a result of an international collaborative work I have initiated in 1993.
      Many publications clarifying the main relationships within the family or focusing on some local taxa, especially in Mascarene archipelago (1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 17, 21, 24, 25, 28). Revision in progress on Comorian, Malagasy, Seychellois and African species.
    • Taxonomy and classification of African angraecoid orchids. Genus Bolusiella (18), new Rhipidoglossum species (19).
    • Taxonomy, classification and history of Mascarene Dombeyoideae. From the T. Le Péchon’s thesis I have supervised and further related works (9, 12, 13, 20).
    • Taxonomy and classification of Brazilian Eriocaulaceae. From the L. Echternacht’s thesis I have co-supervised and further related works (15, 23, 26).
    • Evolution of epiphytism in ferns and especially in Hymenophyllaceae. A review on the subject (10) ; and by evidencing relationships between morphology and anatomy regression and colonial epiphytism (2, 14, 22).
    • Origin and evolution of the megaphylly in Euphyllophytes and a focus on the fern megafrond.
      From the A. Corvez’ thesis I have co-supervised (16).

  •  Teaching :

  • Full teaching position (more than 220h/year) at UPMC.

    Many courses from Bachelor to Master levels in :
    Evolutionary botany, Ecology, Diversity and evolution of Eukaryotes, Theoretical systematics and phylogenetic methods

    Local coordinator of the International Erasmus Mundus Master program Tropimundo

  •  Selected publications (list not exhaustive) :

  • - (35) Almeida, T. E., Salino, A., Dubuisson, J.-Y., & Hennequin, S. (2017). Adetogramma (Polypodiaceae), a new monotypic fern genus segregated from Polypodium. Phytokeys, (78), 109 131.

    - (34) Ponce, M. M., Del Rio, C., Ebihara, A., & Dubuisson, J.-Y. (2017). Discussion on taxonomy of the fern genera Crepidomanes and Polyphlebium (Hymenophyllaceae) in Argentina and south-eastern South America, and description of a new local variety for Crepidomanes pyxidiferum. Botany Letters, 164(1), 5 18.

    - (33) Rabeau, L., Gradstein, S. R., Dubuisson, J.-Y., Nebel, M., Quandt, D., & Reeb, C. (2017). New insights into the phylogeny and relationships within the worldwide genus Riccardia (Aneuraceae, Marchantiophytina). European Journal of Taxonomy, 273, 1 26.

    - (32) Saïd, A. H., Hennequin, S., Rouhan, G., & Dubuisson, J.-Y. (2017). Disentangling the diversity and taxonomy of Hymenophyllaceae (Hymenophyllales , Polypodiidae) in the Comoros. European Journal of Taxonomy, 313, 1 53.

    - (31) Senterre, B., Rouhan, G., Morel, C., & Dubuisson, J.-Y. (2017). New species and records in the fern genus Didymoglossum for the flora of Seychelles, with notes on the Southeast Asian D. motleyi complex (Hymenophyllaceae). Phytotaxa, 292(3), 201 217.

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    - (28) Dubuisson, J.-Y., Hennequin, S., Droissart, V. & Deblauwe, V. (2016). Hymenophyllum senterreanum Dubuisson & Deblauwe, sp. nov. (Hymenophyllaceae) and its relatives in western Central Africa. Phytotaxa 257 : 287-294.

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    - (26) Echternacht, L., Sano, P. T., & Dubuisson, J.-Y. (2015). Taxonomic Study of Comanthera subg. Thysanocephalus (Eriocaulaceae). Systematic Botany 40 : 136–150.

    - (25) Bauret, L., Hennequin, S., Rouhan, G., Ebihara, A., & Dubuisson, J.-Y. (2015). New circumscription of Trichomanes cupressoides Desvaux (Hymenophyllaceae), an endemic filmy fern from the Seychelles (Indian Ocean), and new insights into the genus Abrodictyum C.Presl in the western Indian Ocean. Phytotaxa 202 : 1–14.

    - (24) Dubuisson, J.-Y., Hennequin, S. & Robert, Y. (2014). Crepidomanes inopinatum var. tamonii (Hymenophyllaceae), a new lowland variety endemic to semi-dry forests in La Réunion. Phytotaxa 173 : 163–167.

    - (23) Echternacht, L., Sano, P. T., Bonillo, C., Cruaud, C., Couloux, A., & Dubuisson, J.-Y. (2014). Phylogeny and taxonomy of Syngonanthus and Comanthera (Eriocaulaceae) : Evidence from expanded sampling. Taxon 63 : 47–63.

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