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Professeur Émérite
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

UMR 7205 - Institut de Systématique, Evolution, Biodiversité
Sorbonne Universités
Equipe Evolution fonctionnelle et Systématique

25 rue Cuvier, Case postale 30
75005 Paris, France
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Chief Editor, Bionomina

Nomenclature Editor, Zootaxa

Academic Editor, PeerJ

  • Publications récentes

  • -  Dubois A. (2017) The nomenclatural status of Hysaplesia , Hylaplesia , Dendrobates and related nomina (Amphibia, Anura), with genera l comments on zoolog ical nomen clature and its governance, as well as on taxonomic databases and. Bionomina, 11, 1–48. Available at :

    - Dubois A. (2017) A few problems in the generic nomenclature of insects and amphibians, with recommendations for the publication of new generic nomina in zootaxonomy and comments on taxonomic and nomenclatural databases and websites. Zootaxa, 4237, 1. Available at :

    - Dubois A., Duellman W. E., Ohler A.M. (2017) Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on the subfamily Acridinae of the family Hylidae (Amphibia, Anura). Bionomina, 11, 49–61. Available at :

    - Cériaco L.M.P., Eliécer E., Gutiérrez E., Dubois A. (2016) Photography-based taxonomy is inadequate, unnecessary, and potentially harmful for biological scienc. Zootaxa, 4196, 435–445. Available at :

    - Goutte, S., A. Dubois, S.D. Howard, R. Marquez, Jodi J. L. Rowley, J. M. Dehling, P. Grancolas, X. Rongchuan, and F. Legendre, (2016), ‘Environmental Constraints and Call Evolution in Torrent-Dwelling Frogs.’, Evolution, 70, 811–26

    - Ohler, Annemarie, and Alain Dubois, (2016) ‘The Identity of the South Adrican Toad Sclerophrys Capensis Tschudi, 1838 (Amphibia, Anura)’, Peerj, 4,

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    - Dubois A. (2016) The Duplostensional Nomenclatural System for higher zoological nomenclature : additional comments. Dumerilia, 6, 5–16.

    - Dubois A., (2016), Aescht E. LZC Session 1. Proposal LZC-01. Procedure proposed for the internal functioning of the LZC. Dumerilia, 6, 39–44.

    - Dubois A., Aescht E. LZC Session 2. Discussion INF-01. Nomenclatural problems with electronic publications. Dumerilia, 6 (2016) 45–46.

    - Dubois A., Aescht E. LZC Session 3. Proposal TER-01. The term nomen. Dumerilia, 6 (2016) 47–53.

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    - Hoinsoude Segniagbeto, Gabriel, Jean-Francois Trape, Komlan M. Afiademanyo, Mark-Oliver Roedel, Annemarie Ohler, Alain Dubois, Patrick David, Danny Meirte, Isabelle Adole Glitho, Fabio Petrozzi, and Luca Luiselli, ‘Checklist of the Lizards of Togo (West Africa), with Comments on Systematics, Distribution, Ecology, and Conservation’, Zoosystema, 37 (2015), 381–402

    - Ibaaz, Aicha, and Alain Dubois, ‘Single and Double Electron Capture Cross Sections in keV-Collisions between Fully Stripped Ions with Helium Atom’, in Xxix International Conference on Photonic, Electronic, and Atomic Collisions (icpeac2015), Pts 1-12, ed. by C. Diaz and others, 2015, DCXXXV, UNSP 022044

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