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Muséum National d’Histoire naturelle.
Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité
PhD student at ED 227 (link)- granted by “by the Syrian and French Governments” through the project BGF.
57 Rue Cuvier - CP50
F-75005 Paris - France
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  • Advisors :
  • - Roseli Pellens
    - Philippe Grandcolas
    - Jérôme Sueur


     Post- Doc - MNHN/Collège de France

    In this post-doc I continue the research started in New Caledonia during my PhD, focusing precisely in two main problems :

    - The environmental and historical correlates of the micro-endemism of the fauna.
    - The composition of this fauna and its disharmonies.

  • My thesis entitled "Systématique, évaluation et amélioration des connaissances taxonomiques sur la biodiversité".
    Theme of PhD research :
    Systematics and Taxonomy of Dictyoptera
    Characterization of Micro-Endemism in New Caledonia


  •  Publications

  • - Caesar, M., Grandcolas, P., & Pellens, R. (2017). Outstanding microendemism in New Caledonia : two out of ten animal species has range restricted to few square kilometers,. PLoS One, 1 18.

    - Nattier, R., Pellens, R., Robillard, T., Jourdan, H., Legendre, F., Caesar, M., Nel, A., & Grandcolas, P. (2017). Old Clades on Oceanic Islands : Updating the Dating of New Caledonia Biodiversity,. Scientific reports, 1 9.

    - Caesar M., Roy R., Legendre F., Grandcolas P., Pellens R. (2015) Catalogue of Dictyoptera from Syria and neighbouring countries (Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan). Zootaxa, 3948, 71. Available at :

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