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Ph.D.student at the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle

(since october 2012)<br

under the supervision of Porter P. Lowry II

& Thomas Haevermans

Diversité, Évolution végétale et fongique team

Contact :"

Institute of Systématics, Evolution, Biodiversity,


National Herbarium - C.P. 39, 57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris (France)

☏ : +33 1 71 21 46 45

  research activities

My Ph.D. project is focused on the drivers of plant diversification in Madagascar.
Madagascar is renowned for its huge species richness and its high level of endemism which have led to the island being recognized as one of the most important biodiversity hotspots. What I will try to understand is why some clades are more diverse than others and what the drivers are of the plant diversification in general.
I will work on several independent lineages, each endemic to Madagascar, like Euphorbia, Pandanus, Impatiens, Cyathea, Sarcolaenaceae and others.
Using a comparative approach, I will try to address questions about the potential events of diversification in these clades and the link between the environmental parameters, the morphological evolution and the evolutionary history.
The main issues of my project are :
- What level of diversification has occurred in each group, and what are the main diversification events ?
- What are the drivers of these events ? Are they intrinsic or extrinsic ?
- Are the drivers shared by all groups or are some factors specific to one or a few groups ?
- What the patterns are of the plant diversification in Madagascar ? Are they found in other hotspots like New Caledonia ?

 Teaching activities

As part of my mission of teaching, I am responsible for various teaching activities and dissemination of knowledge. As such, I’m led to giving tours of the National Herbarium and Greenhouses and other activities related to the DEPF as some workshops for pupils.

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