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Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences)
Institut de Systématique, Évolution, Biodiversité
Sorbonne Universités
Equipe Evolution Fonctionnelle et Systématique EVOFONCT
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle
57 Rue Cuvier, CP50
F-75005 Paris, France
☏ : 33 01 40 79 34 02
Fax : 33 01 40 79 56 79
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  • - ANSO, J., L. BARRABE, L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, H. JOURDAN, P. GRANDCOLAS, J. DONG, and T. ROBILLARD. 2016. Old Lineage on an Old Island : Pixibinthus, a New Cricket Genus Endemic to New Caledonia Shed Light on Gryllid Diversification in a Hotspot of Biodiversity. Plos One 11 : e0150920.

    - ANSO, J., H. JOURDAN, and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2016. Crickets (Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea) from Southern New Caledonia ; with descriptions of new taxa. Zootaxa 4124 : 1. Available at :
    [Accessed September 16, 2016].

    - CHINTAUAN-MARQUIER, I.C., F. LEGENDRE, S. HUGEL, T. ROBILLARD, P. GRANDCOLAS, A. NEL, D. ZUCCON, and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2016. Laying the foundations of evolutionary and systematic studies in crickets (Insecta, Orthoptera) : a multilocus phylogenetic analysis. Cladistics 32 : 54–81.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L., J. ANSO, and H. JOURDAN. 2016. Crickets of New Caledonia (Insecta, Orthoptera, Grylloidea) : a key to genera, with diagnoses of extant genera and descriptions of new taxa. ZoosystemaIn press.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L., and S. HUGEL. 2016. First occurrence of Nemobiinae crickets in the Lesser Antilles (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Trigonidiidae), with the descriptions of three new species. Zootaxa 4168 : 313–326. Available at :
    [Accessed September 16, 2016].

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L. 2015. Phalangopsidae crickets from Tropical Africa (Orthoptera, Grylloidea), with descriptions of new taxa and an identification key for African genera. Zootaxa 3948 : 451-U304.

    - SONG, H., C. AMEDEGNATO, M.M. CIGLIANO, L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, S.W. HEADS, Y. HUANG, D. OTTE, and M.F. WHITING. 2015. 300 million years of diversification : elucidating the patterns of orthopteran evolution based on comprehensive taxon and gene sampling. Cladistics 31 : 621–651.

    - SOUZA-DIAS, P.G.B., L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, and M.R. PEREIRA. 2015. Pizacris : a new genus and two new species of Luzarinae cricket close to Guabamima de Mello, 1992 and Mellopsis Mews & Sperber, 2010 (Orthoptera : Grylloidea : Luzarinae). Zootaxa 3956 : 374–388.

    - CHINTAUAN-MARQUIER, I.-C., C. AMEDEGNATO, R.A. NICHOLS, F. POMPANON, P. GRANDCOLAS, and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2014. Inside the Melanoplinae : New molecular evidence for the evolutionary history of Eurasian Podismini (Orthoptera : Acrididae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 71 : 224–233.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L. 2014. New taxa and data for Neotropical Phalangopsidae (Orthoptera, Grylloidea). Zootaxa 3866 : 398–420.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L., O. CADENA-CASTEÑEDA, R. JAISWARA, and J. ANSO. 2014. Zebragryllus Desutter-Grandcolas & Cadena-Castenada, n.gen. a new genus Gryllinae genus from Eastern and Western Amazonia, South America (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Gryllidae). Zootaxa 3768 : 1–22.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L., T. ROBLLLARD, and J. ANSO. 2014. Redefinition of the cricket genus Protathra Desutter-Grandcolas, 1997 (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Prophalangopsidae), with description of the calling song of Protathra centralis Desutter-Grandcolas, n. sp. In E. Guilbert, T. Robillard, H. Jourdan, and P. Grandcolas [eds.], Zoologia neocaledonica. 8. Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia, 277–288. Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris.

    JAISWARA, R., and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2014. Revision of the genus Pteroplistes in India, with the description of two new species Pteroplistes kervasae Jaiswara, n. sp. and Petroplistes masinagudi Jaiswara, n. sp. (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Pteroplistinae). Zootaxa 3814 : 96–108.

    SOUZA-DIAS, P.G.B., and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2014. A new genus and two new species of Luzarinae cricket from the Atlantic Forest of Northeast Brazil (Orthoptera, Grylloidea). Zootaxa 3872 : 498–512.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L. 2013. Stalacris Desutter-Grandcolas n.gen., an amazing cricket from South Africa (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Phalangopsidae). Zootaxa 3613 : 195–200.

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    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L., and R. JAISWARA. 2012. Phalangopsidae crickets from the Indian region (Orthoptera, Grylloidea), with the descriptions of new taxa, diagnoses for genera, and a key to Indian genera. Zootaxa 3444 : 1–39.

    - JAISWARA, R., R. BALAKRISHNAN, T. ROBILLARD, K. RAO, C. CRUAUD, and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2012. Testing concordance in species boundaries using acoustic, morphological, and molecular data in the field cricket genus Itaropsis (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Gryllidae : Gryllinae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 164 : 285–303.

    - NATTIER, R., P. GRANDCOLAS, M. ELIAS, L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, H. JOURDAN, A. COULOUX, and T. ROBILLARD. 2012. Secondary sympatry caused by range expansion informs on the dynamics of microendemism in a biodiversity hotspot. PloS One 7 : e48047.

    - REITMEIER, W., L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, and E. SARDET. 2012. First confirmed record of Svercus palmetorum (Krauss, 1902) in Corsica, France. Articulata 27 : 13–15.

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    - NATTIER, R., T. ROBILLARD, L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, and P. GRANDCOLAS. 2011. Older than New Caledonia emergence  ? A molecular phylogenetic study of the eneopterine crickets (Orthoptera : Grylloidea) ≈ [ed.],. Journal of Biogeography 38 : 2195–2209.

    - ROBILLARD, T., and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2011a. Evolution of calling songs as multicomponent signals in crickets (Orthoptera : Grylloidea : Eneopteridae). Behaviour 148 : 627–672.

    - ROBILLARD, T., and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2011b. The complex stridulatory behaviour of the cricket Eneoptera guyanensis Chopard (Orthoptera : Grylloidea : Eneopterinae). Journal of Insect Physiology 57 : 694–703.

    - DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS, L., E. BLANCHET, T. ROBILLARD, C. MAGAL, F. VANNIER, and O. DANGLES. 2010. Evolution of cercal sensory system in a tropical cricket clade (Orthoptera : Grylloidea : Eneopterinae) : a phylogenetic approach. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 99 : 614–631.

    - LEGENDRE, F., T. ROBILLARD, H. SONG, M.F. WHITING, and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2010. One hundred years of instability in ensiferan relationships. Systematic Entomology 35 : 475–488.

    - ROBILLARD, T., R. NATTIER, and L. DESUTTER-GRANDCOLAS. 2010. New species of New Caledonian endemic genus Agnotecous (Orthoptera, Grylloidea, Eneopteridae, Eneopterinae). Zootaxa 2559 : 17–35.

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