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  • Complete list of publications

  • Mutanen, Marko, Sami M. Kivelä, Rutger A. Vos, Camiel Doorenweerd, Sujeevan Ratnasingham, Axel Hausmann, Peter Huemer, Vlad Dincă, Erik J. van Nieukerken, Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, Roger Vila, Leif Aarvik, Thibaud Decaëns, Konstantin A. Efetov, Paul D. N. Hebert, Arild Johnsen, Ole Karsholt, Mikko Pentinsaari, Rodolphe Rougerie, Andreas Segerer, Gerhard Tarmann, Reza Zahiri, and H. Charles J. Godfray, ‘Species-Level Para- and Polyphyly in DNA Barcode Gene Trees : Strong Operational Bias in European Lepidoptera’, Systematic Biology, 2016, syw044 <> ;

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    Haxaire, Jean, Rodolphe Rougerie, Carlos G. C. Mielke, and Ian J. Kitching, ‘Manduca Exiguus (GEHLEN, 1942) : A Valid Species from Southern and Southeastern Brazil, Uruguay and Northeastern Argentina (Lepidoptera : Sphingidae).’, Nachrichten des Entomologischen Vereins Apollo, 36 (2015), 49–54

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    Rougerie, Rodolphe, Astrid Cruaud, and Jean-Yves Rasplus, ‘A Tale of Long Tails : Combining DNA Barcoding and RAD Sequencing to Investigate the Diversification of Comet and Moon Moths (Lepidoptera, Saturniidae)’, Genome, 58 (2015), 272–73

    Rougerie, Rodolphe, Mehrdad Hajibabaei, Christophe Bouget, Shadi Shokralla, Joel F. Gibson, and Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, ‘DNA Metabarcoding of Saproxylic Beetles-Streamlining Species Identification for Large-Scale Forest Biomonitoring’, Genome, 58 (2015), 272–272

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    Haxaire, J, R Rougerie, C.G.C Mielke, and I. J. Kitching, ‘A Valid Species from Southern and Southeastern Brazil, Uruguay and Northeastern Argentina (Lepidoptera : Sphingidae).’, Nachrichten Des Entomologischen Vereins Apollo, 36 (2015), 49–54’, Nachrichten des Entomologischen Vereins Apollo, 36 (2015), 49–54

    Kirichenko, Natalia, Peter Huemer, Helmut Deutsch, Paolo Triberti, Rodolphe Rougerie, and Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde, ‘Integrative Taxonomy Reveals a New Species of Callisto (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) in the Alps’, Zookeys, 2015, 157–76 <> ;

    Lamarre, G. P. A., I. Mendoza, R. Rougerie, T. Decaëns, B. Hérault, and F. Bénéluz, ‘Stay Out (Almost) All Night : Contrasting Responses in Flight Activity Among Tropical Moth Assemblages’, Neotropical Entomology, 10.1007/s13744-014-0264-3 (2015) <> ;

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    Telfer, Angela C., Monica R. Young, Jenna Quinn, Kate Perez, Crystal N. Sobel, Jayme E. Sones, Valerie Levesque-Beaudin, Rachael Derbyshire, Jose Fernandez-Triana, Rodolphe Rougerie, Abinah Thevanayagam, Adrian Boskovic, Alex V. Borisenko, Alex Cadel, Allison Brown, Anais Pages, Anibal H. Castillo, Annegret Nicolai, Barb Mockford Glenn Mockford, Belen Bukowski, Bill Wilson, Brock Trojahn, Carole Ann Lacroix, Chris Brimblecombe, Christoper Hay, Christmas Ho, Claudia Steinke, Connor P. Warne, Cristina Garrido Cortes, Daniel Engelking, Danielle Wright, Dario A. Lijtmaer, David Gascoigne, David Hernandez Martich, Derek Morningstar, Dirk Neumann, Dirk Steinke, Donna DeBruin Marco DeBruin, Dylan Dobias, Elizabeth Sears, Ellen Richard, Emily Damstra, Evgeny V. Zakharov, Frederic Laberge, Gemma E. Collins, Gergin A. Blagoev, Gerrie Grainge, Graham Ansell, Greg Meredith, Ian Hogg, Jaclyn McKeown, Janet Topan, Jason Bracey, Jerry Guenther, Jesse Sills-Gilligan, Joseph Addesi, Joshua Persi, Kara K. S. Layton, Kareina D’Souza, Kencho Dorji, Kevin Grundy, Kirsti Nghidinwa, Kylee Ronnenberg, Kyung Min Lee, Linxi Xie, Liuqiong Lu, Lyubomir Penev, Mailyn Gonzalez, Margaret E. Rosati, Mari Kekkonen, Maria Kuzmina, Marianne Iskandar, Marko Mutanen, Maryam Fatahi, Mikko Pentinsaari, Miriam Bauman, Nadya Nikolova, Natalia V. Ivanova, Nathaniel Jones, Nimalka Weerasuriya, Norman Monkhouse, Pablo D. Lavinia, Paul Jannetta, Priscila E. Hanisch, R. Troy McMullin, Rafael Ojeda Flores, Raphaelle Mouttet, Reid Vender, Renee N. Labbee, Robert Forsyth, Rob Lauder, Ross Dickson, Ruth Kroft, Scott E. Miller, Shannon MacDonald, Sishir Panthi, Stephanie Pedersen, Stephanie Sobek-Swant, Suresh Naik, Tatsiana Lipinskaya, Thanushi Eagalle, Thibaud Decaens, Thibault Kosuth, Thomas Braukmann, Tom Woodcock, Tomas Roslin, Tony Zammit, Victoria Campbell, Vlad Dinca, Vlada Peneva, Paul D. N. Hebert, and Jeremy R. deWaard, ‘Biodiversity Inventories in High Gear : DNA Barcoding Facilitates a Rapid Biotic Survey of a Temperate Nature Reserve.’, Biodiversity data journal, 2015, e6313–e6313 < 10.3897/BDJ.3.e6313>

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    Orhant, Georges E.R.J, and Rodolphe Rougerie, ‘Un Siècle Après La Description Du Père de Joannis, Découverte de La Femelle d’Hypopyra Contractipennis (Lepidoptera Erebidae Catocalinae)’, L’Entomologiste, 70 (2014), 331–33 <> ;

    Rougerie, Rodolphe, Ian J. Kitching, Jean Haxaire, Scott E. Miller, Axel Hausmann, and Paul D. N. Hebert, ‘Australian Sphingidae – DNA Barcodes Challenge Current Species Boundaries and Distributions’, PLoS ONE, 9 (2014), e101108 <> ;

    Vincent, Benoît, M Hajibabaei, and R Rougerie, ‘A Striking New Genus and Species of Tiger-Moth (Lepidoptera : Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini) from the Caribbean, with Molecular and Morphological Analysis of Its Systematic Placement’, Zootaxa, 3760 (2014), 289–300 <> ;

    Decaëns, Thibaud, David Porco, Rodolphe Rougerie, George G. Brown, and Samuel W. James, ‘Potential of DNA Barcoding for Earthworm Research in Taxonomy and Ecology’, Applied Soil Ecology, 65 (2013), 35–42 <> ;

    Hausmann, A., H. C. Godfray, P. Huemer, M. Mutanen, Rodolphe Rougerie, E. J. van Nieukerken, S. Ratnasingham, and P. D. Hebert, ‘Genetic Patterns in European Geometrid Moths Revealed by the Barcode Index Number (BIN) System’, PLoS ONE, 8 (2013), e84518 <> ;

    Mielke, C.G.C, Fabio L Santos, F Meister, R Brechlin, and R Rougerie, ‘Four New Periga Walker, 1855 (Lepidoptera : Saturniidae, Hemileucinae, Hemileucini) from Southeastern and Southern Brazil’, The European Entomologist, 4 (2013), 121–40

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