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Synthesis, evolution of bricks, fragments and small RNAs

Laura Da Silva (PhD student) currently perform oligoribonucleotide synthesis and study whether the oligonucleotide itself could help to enhance its own synthesis, that is a ribozymic activity, with or without the help of lipids. This present project is done in collaboration with Deamer’s laboratory (UCSC). Based on preliminary results, we have found that salts especially composed of ammonium can promote the polymerization under a simulated prebiotic environment (U.S. Provisional Patent Application for “Non-enzymatic, salt-mediated synthesis of polynucleic acids” UC Case No. : SC 2013-946 ; PV No. : 482.36 (DJA) ; David Deamer, Marie-Christine Maurel, Laura Da Silva) and Da Silva, L., Maurel, M-C., Deamer, D. J. Mol. Evol, 2015.

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