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Liste des Publications

49. Hanna Z.R., Henderson J.B., Sellas A.B., Fuchs J., Bowie R.C.K., Dumbacher J.P., in press. Complete mitochondrial genome sequences of the northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) and the barred owl (Strix varia ; Aves : Strigiformes : Strigidae) confirm the presence of a duplicated control region. PeerJ 5, e3120v1.

48. Hanna Z.R., Henderson J.B., Wall J.D., Emerling C.A., Fuchs J., Runckel C., Mindell D.P., Bowie R.C.K., DeRisi J.L., Dumbacher J.P., accepted. Northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) genome : divergence with the barred owl (Strix varia) and characterization of light-associated genes. Genome Biology and Evolution

47. Jansen JJFJ, Fuchs J., accepted. The Baudin expedition to Tenerife, St Thomas, St Croix and Puerto Rico in 1796-98. Journal of Caribbean Ornithology

46. Shakya S., Fuchs J., Pons J.-M., Sheldon F.H. (2017) Tapping the woodpecker tree for evolutionary insight. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 116, 182-191.

45. Fuchs J., Pons J.M., Bowie, R.C.K. (2017) Biogeography and diversification dynamics of the African woodpeckers. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 108, 88-100.

44. Fuchs J., Fjeldså J., Bowie R.C.K. (2017) Diversification across major biogeographic breaks in the African Shining/Square-tailed Drongos complex (Passeriformes : Dicruridae). Zoologica Scripta, 46, 27-41. Available at :

43. Fuchs J., Lemoine D., Parra J.L., Pons J.-M., Raherilalao M.J., Prys-Jones R., Thebaud C., Warren B.H., Goodman S.M. (2016) Long-distance dispersal and inter-island colonization across the western Malagasy Region explain diversification in brush-warblers (Passeriformes : Nesillas ). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 119, 873–889. Available at :

42. Fuchs J., Pons J.-M., Pasquet E., Bonillo C. (2016) Complete mitochondrial genomes of the white-browed piculet ( Sasia ochracea , Picidae) and pale-billed woodpecker ( Campephilus guatemalensis , Picidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 27, 3640–3641. Available at :

41. Johnson J.A., Brown J.W., Fuchs J., Mindell D.P. (2016) Multi-locus phylogenetic inference among New World Vultures (Aves : Cathartidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 105, 193–199. Available at :

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39. Fuchs J., Bowie R.C.K. (2015) Concordant genetic structure in two species of woodpecker distributed across the primary West African biogeographic barriers. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 88, 64–74. Available at :

38. Hanna Z.R., Runckel C., Fuchs J., DeRisi J.L., Mindell D.P., Van Hemert C., Handel C.M., Dumbacher J.P., 2015. Isolation of a complete circular virus genome from an Alaskan Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) gastrointestinal tract sample. Genome Announcements 3 : e01081-15.

37. Fuchs J., Ericson P.G.P., Bonillo C., Couloux A., Pasquet E. (2015) The complex phylogeography of the Indo-Malayan Alophoixus bulbuls with the description of a putative new ring species complex. Molecular Ecology, 24, 5460–5474.

36. Fuchs J., Johnson J.A., Mindell D.P. (2015) Rapid diversification of falcons (Aves : Falconidae) due to expansion of open habitats in the Late Miocene. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 82, 166–182.

35. Fuchs J., Pons J.-M. (2015) A new classification of the Pied Woodpeckers assemblage (Dendropicini, Picidae) based on a comprehensive multi-locus phylogeny. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 88, 28–37. Available at :

34. Oatley G., Simmons R.E., Fuchs J. (2015) A molecular phylogeny of the harriers (Circus, Accipitridae) indicate the role of long distance dispersal and migration in diversification. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 85, 150–160. Available at :

33. Pons J.M., Thibault J.C., Aymí R., Grussu M., Muntaner J., Olioso G., Sunyer J.R., Touihri M., Fuchs J. (2015) The role of western Mediterranean islands in the evolutionary diversification of the spotted flycatcher Muscicapa striata, a long‐distance migratory passerine species. Journal of Avian Biology 47 : 386-398..

32. Pons J.-M., Thibault J.-C., Fournier J., Olioso G., Rakovic M., Tellini Florenzano G.,Fuchs J. (2015) Genetic variation among Corsican and continental populations of the Eurasian treecreeper (Aves : Certhia familiaris ) reveals the existence of a palaeoendemic mitochondrial lineage : Eurasian Treecreeper Phylogeography. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 115, 134–153. Available at :

31. Veron G., Patou M.-L., Debruyne R., Couloux A., Fernandez D.A.P., Wong S.T., Fuchs J., Jennings A.P. (2015) Systematics of the Southeast Asian mongooses (Herpestidae, Carnivora) : solving the mystery of the elusive collared mongoose and Palawan mongoose : Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 173, 236–248. Available at :

30. Fuchs J., Oatley G., Simmons E.G., Mindell D.P., Bowie R.C.K. (2014) Lack of mtDNA genetic diversity in the Black Harrier Circus maurus, a Southern African endemic. Ibis, 156, 227–230.

29. Rocha L.A., Aleixo A., Allen G., Almeda F., Baldwin C., Barclay M., Bates J., Bauer A., Benzoni F., Berns C., et al[Fuchs] J.(122 authors total). (2014) Specimen collection : An essential tool. Science, 814–815.

28. Fuchs J., Parra J.L., Goodman S.M., Raherilalao M.J., Vanderwal J., Bowie R.C. (2013) Extending ecological niche models to the past 120 000 years corroborates the lack of strong phylogeographic structure in the crested drongo (Dicrurus forficatus forficatus) on Madagascar. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 108, 658–676.

27. Fuchs J., Pons J.-M., Liu L., Ericson P.G.P., Couloux A., Pasquet E. (2013) A multi-locus phylogeny suggests an ancient hybridization event between Campephilusand melanerpine woodpeckers (Aves : Picidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 67, 578–588. Available at :

26. Pons J.-M., Kirwan G.M., Porter R.F., Fuchs J. (2013) A reappraisal of the systematic affinities of Socotran, Arabian and East African scops owls (Otus, Strigidae) using a combination of molecular, biometric and acoustic data. Ibis, 155, 518–533.

25. Fuchs J., Irestedt M., Fjelds\a a J., Couloux A., Pasquet E., Bowie R.C. (2012) Molecular phylogeny of African bush-shrikes and allies : tracing the biogeographic history of an explosive radiation of corvoid birds. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 64, 93–105.

24. Fuchs J., Johnson J.A., Mindell D.P. (2012) Molecular systematics of the caracaras and allies (Falconidae : Polyborinae) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data. IBIS, 154, 520–532.

23. Fuchs J., Crowe T.M., Bowie R.C.K. (2011). Phylogeography of the Fiscal Shrike (Lanius collaris) : A novel pattern of genetic structure across the arid zones and savannas of Africa. Journal of Biogeography 38 : 2210-2222.

22. Fuchs J., Chen S., Johnson J.A., Mindell D.P.(2011). Pliocene diversification within the South American forest-falcons (Falconidae : Micrastur). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 60 : 398-407.

21. Fuchs J., Fjeldså J., Bowie R.C.K.( 2011). Diversification across an altitudinal gradient in the Tiny Greenbul (Phyllastrephus debilis) from the Eastern Arc Mountains of Africa. BMC Evolutionary Biology 11 : 117. (Highly accessed)

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19. Benedict L., Bowie R.C.K.,Fuchs J., McManes M. (2010). When non-coding is non-neutral : the role of CHD1 gene polymorphism in sexing, phylogenetics and as a correlate of fitness in birds. Ibis 152 : 223-225.

18. Fuchs J., Pasquet E., Couloux A., Fjeldså J., Bowie R.C.K. (2009). A new Indo-Malayan member of the Stenostiridae (Aves : Passeriformes) revealed by multi-locus sequence data : Biogeographical implications for a morphologically diverse clade of Old World flycatchers. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53 : 384-393.

17. Fuchs J., Pons J.-M., Goodman S.M., Bretagnolle V., Melo M., Bowie R.C.K., Currie D., Safford R., Virani M.Z., Thomsett S., Hija A., Cruaud C., Pasquet E. (2008). Tracing the colonization history of the Indian Ocean scops-owls (Strigiformes : Otus) with further insights into the spatio-temporal origin of the Malagasy avifauna. BMC Evolutionary Biology 8 : 197.

16. Melo M., Fuchs J.. (2008). Phylogenetic relationships of the Gulf of Guinea Alcedo kingfishers.Ibis 150 : 633-639.

15. Irestedt M., Fuchs J., Jønsson K.A., Ohlson J.I., Pasquet E., Ericson P.G.P. (2008). The systematic affinity of the enigmatic Lamprolia victoriae (Aves : Passeriformes) - An example of avian dispersal between New Guinea and Fiji over Miocene intermittent land bridges ? Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 48 : 1218-1222.

14. Fuchs J., Pons J.-M., Ericson P.G.P., Bonillo C., Couloux A., Pasquet E. (2008). Molecular support for a rapid cladogenesis of the woodpecker clade Malarpicini, with further insights into the genus Picus (Piciformes : Picinae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 48 : 34-46.

13. Jønsson K.A., Irestedt M., Fuchs J., Ericson P.G.P., Christidis L., Bowie R.C.K., Norman J., Pasquet E., Fjeldså J. (2008). Explosive avian radiations and multi-directional dispersal across Wallacea : Evidence from the Campephagidae and other Crown Corvida. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 47 : 221-236.

12. Fuchs J., Ericson P.G.P., Pasquet E. (2008). Mitochondrial phylogeographic structure of the white-browed piculet (Sasia ochracea) : cryptic genetic differentiation and endemism in Indochina. Journal of Biogeography 35 : 565-575.

11. Fuchs J., Cibois A., Duckworth W.J., Eve R., Robichaud W.G., Tizard T., Van Gansberghe D. (2007). Birds of Phongsaly province and the Nam Ou river (Laos). Forktail 23 : 22-86.

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09. Fuchs J., Cruaud C., Couloux A., Pasquet E. (2007). Complex biogeographic history of the cuckoo-shrikes and allies (Passeriformes : Campephagidae) revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 44 : 138-153.

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04. Fuchs J., Fjeldså J., Pasquet E. (2006). An ancient African radiation of corvoid birds (Aves : Passeriformes) detected by mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data. Zoologica Scripta 35 : 375-385.

03. Fuchs J., Fjeldså J., Bowie R.C.K., Voelker G., Pasquet E. (2006). The African warbler genus Hyliota as a lost lineage in the Oscine songbird tree : Molecular support for an African origin of the Passerida. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 39 : 186-197.

02.Fuchs J., Fjeldså J., Pasquet E. (200). The use of mitochondrial and nuclear sequence data in assessing the taxonomic status of the Endangered Uluguru Bush Shrike (Malaconotus alius). Ibis 147 : 717-724.

01. Fuchs J., Bowie R.C.K., Fjeldså J., Pasquet E. (2004). Phylogenetic relationships of the African bush-shrikes and helmet-shrikes (Passeriformes : Malaconotidae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 33 : 428-439.

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